Saturday, September 12, 2015


What's happening in my life

A new novel

I'm putting a few final flourishes on a new novel, to be published next week! It's a steampunk/gaslamp fantasy, entitled The Quays of Lac-Carge. More details to come soon.

Travel: My Inspiration

We're getting ready to go to Yosemite for about three weeks in October. Despite living in California for several years, I've not been to Yosemite yet. I'm so excited to see what other people rave about. I'm an avid hiker, although I definitely feel content to stand on terra firma to watch rock climbers ascend sheer cliffs.

This is a scene from one of my favorite hiking trail near Oak Glen, CA.
I hope to be seeing a lot of the russet California autumn colors soon.

Current writing

I'm currently working on two novels at the same time. I've never done this before, but it's really working out. One is a science fiction novel with lots of space travel, and the other is fantasy with an alternate history twist. In general, my writing is split pretty evenly between the two genres. In the past, when writing a fantasy novel I'd usually stop in the middle to write at least one science fiction short story, and vice versa.

Although some people who this happens to may say that they get tired of one genre and have to move to the other, I prefer to think of it as I love both so much that I can't stay away from either one for long.

This time, as I work on two novels at once, I'm finding it so motivating to be able to go from one to the other. As of right now, though, I'm really going strong on the science fiction novel, and if it continues as it's going now I'll finish it before I return to the fantasy novel.


  1. How exciting! Good luck with the publication. Writing more than one book at a time is ambitious. I can see how it'd be healthy, though. Yosemite will be fun.

    1. Thanks, Ally! I am looking forward to seeing El Capitan and Half Dome. I've seen so many pictures that sometimes it's like I've already been there. Yet I'm sure when I do get there, everything will look so much more amazing than it does in photographs.

  2. This is so interesting and exciting! I think your writing plans are amazing and wish you the very best of luck with them! I really admire your dedication! I look forward to following your journey!:)

    1. Thank you, Colleen, for leaving such a nice comment!